Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is me... On GSO!! :)

Another page for my art journal.
I lifted "Springtime" by S.J who's in the spotlight at 2peas this week.

I just found out that my layout is featured on Gallery Standouts!!
Whoohooo, this really made my day!!

i am not yours
i am not his or hers
i am not the color of my skin
or the house i live in
i am not the books i've read
or the people i've led
i am not my resume
or the person i was yesterday
i am not the clothes i've worn
or the person you mourn
i am not the choices i made
or the check i got paid
i am not my first or last name
or someone for you to blame
i am not the school i attended
or the fences i've mended
i am not a punching bag
or someone for you to gag
i am not the world's martyr
or something to barter
i am a human being
i exist, therefore i am.
-Nandi Baldwin-

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